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Spectro Alloys - The Midwest's
Largest Secondary Aluminum Smelter

Spectro Alloys Corporation operates the Midwest’s largest
scrap aluminum recycling plant, which is recognized as one
of the highest efficiency secondary smelting plants in the
United States. Since 1973 we have been servicing large,
medium and small foundries and die casters in the Midwest
and beyond. As a manufacturer and broker of aluminum
alloys, we focus as a team to be leaders with integrity.

Our Core Values





The positive impact, in perspective:

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We are proud to be leaders in an industry that so significantly reduces the impact of humans on the environment. Being
industry leaders means breaking new ground and adopting the latest technology. This process is central to achieving our
long term environmental stewardship goals, but it is not risk free. In the past we have been cited by the EPA for emissions
violations. Please read our response.


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